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Tokyo to Sapporo

A Quick Adventure to the Snow Festival

In February 2023, I went on an exciting day trip from Tokyo to Sapporo, covering a vast distance of over 800 kilometers, all to experience the famous Sapporo Snow Festival. This trip happened in a rush, so I had to plan it carefully. I picked a day when I had no other commitments and when the weather looked good during the festival’s one-week duration. I also made sure there were available seats on the plane for a hassle-free journey.

Just like my previous trip to Gunkanjima in Nagasaki, my family owns some shares in a particular airline. This gives us a special discount, allowing us to travel at half the price. So, we made sure to take advantage of this opportunity for our Sapporo trip.

The last time I visited a snow festival was about 20 years ago. Back then, my kids were young, and I mainly watched them enjoy a giant snow slide. This time, I was traveling alone, which gave me the freedom to explore the intricate snow and ice sculptures at my own pace. It was a very fulfilling experience that made me really happy.

What made this trip even more exciting were the idol events and singer concerts happening alongside the snow sculptures. The mix of music and art added an extra layer of fun to the festival. When I climbed up to the observation deck, I was treated to a breathtaking night view of Odori Park, which left me in awe.

And, of course, I couldn’t leave Sapporo without trying the local specialty, “Sapporo Miso Ramen.” It was especially delicious when enjoyed in the city where it originated, and it left me completely satisfied.

In summary, my quick journey from Tokyo to Sapporo for the Snow Festival was a remarkable adventure filled with culture, entertainment, and tasty food. It’s an example of how you can explore faraway places and create lasting memories in just one day, thanks to the concept of quick travel.

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