Yuri's Story

A Fragrant Journey

Discovering the Enchanting World of Osmanthus

Have you ever encountered the plant in this picture? It boasts a vibrant yellow hue and emits a uniquely pleasant fragrance that’s hard to capture in photos. You can sense its faintly sweet and gentle aroma even from a distance, as if it’s gracefully carried by the breeze. While wandering, I often catch whiffs of this scent from various directions, yet it eludes my efforts to pinpoint its source. In Japanese, it goes by the name ‘Kinmokusei.’ I personally enjoy using osmanthus hair oil and aroma oil for their soothing qualities. Some may not share my fondness for it, but I’m a fan. On the other hand, I must admit that the Osmanthus hand cream didn’t live up to my expectations. Despite its 1500 yen price tag, it lacked the true osmanthus scent, likely due to my online purchase which prevented me from testing it beforehand. That’s why I have a genuine affection for Osmanthus itself.

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