100 Lives, 100 Stories

Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Stories

Welcome to ‘100 Lives, 100 Stories,’ a digital haven where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. In a world filled with grand adventures and larger-than-life tales, we celebrate the beauty of everyday life. Join us on a journey through the lives of 100 people, each story a shining testament to the remarkable moments hidden within their casual days.

Ink and Inspiration: Essays by Manga English Members and Students

Welcome to a world where words dance across the page like characters in a manga, where storytelling transcends language barriers and cultural boundaries. In this collection of essays, members and students of Manga English come together to share their unique perspectives, experiences, and insights. From personal reflections to imaginative narratives, each essay offers a glimpse into the diverse minds and creative spirits that make up our community. Join us as we explore the power of language, art, and storytelling to connect us all in unexpected and inspiring ways.

From Clay Curiosity to Classroom

Embracing Ceramics in Adulthood Life has a funny way of leading us down unexpected paths, and for me, that path ...

Essays by Manga English Members and Students

In the world of Manga English, creativity knows no limits. That's why we're excited to share this collection of essays, ...


Leave Your Mark: Share Your Story in English with Us Introduction: Are you eager to capture your life's journey in ...

Crafted Travels: A Global Journey

Between Wanderlust and Needlework: Exploring the World, One Stitch at a Time The world is a tapestry of experiences waiting ...

Artful Reflections: Pencils, Poems, and the Silver Screen

Introduction Welcome to "Artful Reflections," a creative sanctuary where the worlds of pencil drawing, haiku poetry, and the magic of ...

My Life: A Hobbyist’s Journer

… is my blog where I live my life as a hobby. Crafting Serenity: A Journey into the Artistic Haven ...

Purrfect Melodies

Welcome to Purrfect Melodies: Where Feline Charm Meets Musical Harmony Meow and melodious greetings to all you fellow feline and ...

Two Homes, Two Lives

Owning two houses, one in the countryside and one in Tokyo, became our reality. Balancing both worlds wasn't easy, but ...

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