Iku's Story

A Pencil Portrait Journey

From Hollywood Stars to Personal Inspiration

After enjoying botanical art for a while, I had to care for my mother, and couldn’t attend classes. Later, my sister took over, giving me some free time. I considered returning to botanical art classes, but my close friends had moved on. Plus, my dry eyes made detailed work tough. So, I decided to try pencil drawings, which are less precise. In one of my early pencil drawings, I recreated a photo of Elizabeth Taylor from a book. My mom used to take me to the movies when I was young, and “Little Women” left a lasting impression. Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty and grace amazed me even at the age of 9. I scoured the library for old Hollywood star photos, but Elizabeth Taylor stood out as the best. I believe she was of Italian descent, though I can’t recall her name. She also created a pencil drawing of this actress.

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