A Beginner’s Journey

Skiing Adventures with My Son

Last year, I started skiing with my son, who’s in middle school. His school offers a ski camp class, so to get ready, our family joined a ski class together. We visited Kijimadaira Ski Resort in Nagano last year for the first time and went again this year. Interestingly, Kijimadaira Village is a friendship town with Chofu City, Tokyo, where we live. The slopes there are wide and slick, offering stunning views of Niigata’s mountains on clear days, which adds to the thrill of skiing.
As a beginner last year, I fell a lot and struggled to get back up. This year, I enrolled in the same ski school as before, but this time, I was the only adult among elementary and middle school kids. This gave me the advantage of receiving one-on-one instruction from the instructor. Since I had some experience from last year, I already knew how to stand and stop, allowing me to focus on learning various skating techniques this year. I could tell that I had improved compared to last year, managing to finish skiing without any falls, which brought me immense joy.
Meanwhile, my son, now a junior high student, has made remarkable progress in just one year, surpassing me by leaps and bounds.

Clay Chronicles: A Late-Blooming Love Affair
Some people find their calling early in life, while others, like myself, stumble upon it unexpectedly. Ceramics entered my world in my late 20s, igniting a passion I never knew I had. What began as a curious exploration soon turned into a full-fledged love affair with clay. Now, as a ceramics instructor, I find joy in molding not just clay but also minds, inspiring others to discover the beauty and wonder of this ancient art form. Join me as I reminisce on my journey from late-bloomer to ceramics enthusiast and educator.

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